Physics – Short Questions


Here are the selected short questions from the overall chapters of Electrostatics which will not only save your exam preparation time but also help you score better marks.

  1. A comb run through one’s dry hair attracts small bits of paper. Why?
  2. What do you mean by quantization of charge?
  3. Vehicles carrying inflammable material and running on rubber tyres always drag a chain along the ground. Why?
  1. Why do we sometimes experience a slight shock when getting out of a car?
  2. Distinguish between conductors and insulators.
  3. More charge can be stored on a metal if it is highly polished than when its surface is rough, why?
  4. Draw a graph to represent the variation of electric field intensity E with the distance from the centre of a uniformly charged solid sphere.
  5. A spherical Gaussian surface encloses a point charge q. If the point charge is moved from the centre of the sphere to a point away from the centre, does the total flux through a Gaussian surface change? Explain.
  6. No two lines of force in an electric field ever intersect each other. Why?
  7. Define field lines. Draw electric field lines around two point charges separated by some distance.
  8. A man inside an insulated metallic cage does not receive a shock when the cage is highly charged. Explain.
  9. Define one electron volt.
  10. Is it true that at those places where the electric field is zero potential will be zero?
  11. Electric potential of the earth is taken to be zero. Why?
  12. A high voltage dc power line falls on a car so that the entire metal body of the car is at a potential of 10,000V with respect to the ground. What happens to the occupants

(a) when they are sitting in the car and

(b) when they step out of the car?

  1. Two identical capacitors are connected in series. Is the resulting capacitance greater or less than that of each individual capacitor? What if they are connected in parallel?
  2. Could one define a capacitance for a single conductor? What would be a reasonable definition?
  3. Is dielectric strength the same as dielectric constant?
  4. Is it possible to charge a capacitor to any potential?
  5. Can a sphere of radius 1cm have a charge 1 coulomb?

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