Reviews on Software Engineering

Here are some reviews on Bachelor in Software Engineering Program provided by students and faculties concerned to this field.


Software engineeringmaa jpt course haru xaina….first sem ma ek duita xa….tara computer engg. maa kaam nalagne dherai kura padhnu parxa…software engg. maa 2nd sem dekhi main topic haru padauna thalxa but computer engg. maa last sem sammai kaam nalgne topic haru padirakhnu parxa…software engg. maa 1st sem ma physics padhnu parxa…2nd sem dekhi physics chemistry kei padhnu prrdaina….1st sem ma pani physics matra ho chemistry course vhari nai xaina… Pachi job ko lagi apply garda…computer vhanda dherai priority software lai dinxa….

– Prashant Shah, NCIT


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