Reviews on Industrial Engineering

Here are the reviews on Bachelor in Industrial Engineering Program provided by personnel concerned to this field.

Industrial Engineering, although introduced in Nepal almost 10 years ago, is very unfamiliar to people here. Industrial Engineering is a multi-disciplinary subject as it is combined study Mechanical Engineering and MBA(Master in Business Administration) along with some additional projects. Moreover, it is combination of mechanical, Electrical Engineering and their management. It has diverse discipline with many areas of specialization. Industrial engineering is challenging,rewarding,and full of opportunities.Industrial engineering just rules over all the other engineering courses. I feel very proud to be an industrial engineering student.

– Nitesh Kumar Barnawal, I.O.E

Industrial Engineering is Discipline of utilizing and coordinating humans, machines, and materials to attain a desired output rate with the optimum utilization of energy, knowledge , money , and time. It employs certain techniques to control the quantity and quality of goods and services produced. Industrial Engineers are the engineer of engineers.

Industrial engineering is the emerging concept in Nepal and has the huge scope in the country like Nepal.

– Pitambar Chaulagain (Sushant), I.O.E
Former President, SOIES-Nepal

The best thing about Industrial Engineering is that it is more than basic engineering and incorporates and incorporates various field of studies. It deals with the engineering, it’s business approach and sustainable principles of prosperity for economy and communities. “Engineers make things. Industrial Engineers make things better.”

– Bishnu Parajuli, I.O.E

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