Reviews on Computer Engineering

Here are the reviews on Bachelor in Computer Engineering Program provided by students and faculties concerned to this field.

1. Computer is the present and foreseeable future of technology.

2. Computers are versatile. Computer engineers can combine with every other field of study to create innovative ideas and solutions.

3. Software-related jobs can be done at home (and mostly even at own choice of time).

4. Software engineers are the most wanted profession in the world at the moment. (I heard about it, I’m not sure about the source)

– Manish Munikar
Computer Engg.Institute of Engineering

“Everybody in this country should learn how to code/program a computer…. because it teaches you how to think” – Steve jobs(CEO founder of Apple Inc.) After 2 decades from now, you would hardly imagine life standard of people without technology and engineering, i choose computer science and engineering, after onward i have aimed, dreamed, believe on what i do. We are depend on technology to communicate,to bank,to get information but what it sounds if you can engineer and program on these stuffs that you can help people these coming years.Working in computer engineering, its not only like you work in computerizing but if you like to work in Factory, Banking, Business, Airlines or other engineering field, you know you can. You probably sounds its fun to study computer science and engineering but you won’t regret studying it later.

-Vaskar Singh Maharjan
Computer Engg.
Kathmandu University

As we know the world is changing divergently toward technologies. In everything there is use of Information and Technology. As we know there is wide scope of IT and computer engineering nowdays and in future days in Nepal. Everyone knows Nepal is under developing country. So during d time of development technology of new era plays vital role for sustain development of any country. In each and every sector of development technology is necessary which is provided by d means of IT and computers.  Nowdays computers are widely used in every sector for make the work reliable. Fo example in bank sector, for record and analyze d data in company, for machine operating, for data base management system, for scientific research, for students (in school, college and universities) etc. So there is wide scope of IT and computer engineers in Nepal. So dont study for impress, study for express. And turn d face of our country in new technological era.

– Niraj Sah, Cosmos College of Management and Technology

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