Suggestions for Course After +2

Here are some suggestions provided by students who have completed +2 and the faculty members from various fields.


ma IT ko student hu.. tara jaha samma malai lagcha .. euta science padhne student le paxi gayera csit wa engg nai padhnu parcha vanne chaina .. aafulai j ma interest cha tyo bujhera padhne ho

– Rohan Man Shakya, St. Xavier’s College

i jst wanna people knw ki those who dnt have patience never go to medical line…

– Shreya Lohani


After plus 2 level, certainly its period of chaos, you probably have confusion on aim you dreamed of for these last years. Firstly, you make certain choice what you want to do or most importantly you choose what you love to do in coming days.If you don’t think so then you choose the faculty that may lead you further and have great platform ahead when its your working time but i am not saying that every faculty have don’t have working scope .As its all about your aim and dream, you must have to make decision of your own what you want to do exactly. You may not have an idea on faculty that you wish to study on,so you certainly Consult with you seniors and teachers or your family.

– Vaskar Singh Maharjan, Kathmandu University

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