Reviews on BSc. CSIT

Here are the reviews on the BSc. CSIT (Bachelor in Science – Computer Science and Information Technology) Program offered by IOST, Tribhuvan University.

As it is easy to study, has same or similar subjects except those boring physics chemistry and will get rid of math in just 2 semester, and easy to get job

Sandesh Karki, Swastik College

It has advanced and new content related to new technologies.
It is more practical based.
It is not hard like engineering but not easy like BIM.

– Robert Shrestha, Prime College

BSc. CSIT provides u with the complete knowledge in the field of information technology providing u practical knowledge making you successful in each and every steps of you life

– Niklesh Shakya, Academia International College

B.Sc.CSIT course offers the most suitable and updated curriculum that fulfills the current industry need meeting the global technology modernization. It includes thorough practical approach with great deal of project work and internship is inclusive within the curriculum.

– Shreejan Joshi, NCCS

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