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Tribhuvan University | Faculty of Management

The curriculum of Bachelor in Business Studies comprises of three separate and distinct course components as listed below:
1. A strong base in allied areas of business like the language, economics analysis, quantitative methods, legal environment, and research methodology to prepare the graduates to understand, analyze and apply the management concepts, theories and practices.
2. Basic business studies encircling and integrating all functional areas to provide scholars with an appreciation of the diversity and inter -relationship of management and business issues.
3. The prospect to concentrate in one area of specialization such as finance, accounting, human resources management, management science, and marketing in order to provide scholars with some degree of practical expertise.
The grading system in the annual examination is as follows:
Third Division – 35 Percent
Second Division – 45 Percent
First Division – 60 Percent
Distinction – 75 Percent and above


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TU BBS 3rd Year Business Law | Course No.: MGT 204

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TU BBS 3rd Year Fundamentals of Financial Management | Course No.: MGT 215

Download Notes of Financial Management – 

TU BBS 3rd Year Business Environment & Strategic Management | Course No.: MGT 217

Download Notes of Business Environment and Strategic Management – 

TU BBS 3rd Year Fundamentals of Taxation and Auditing | Course No.: MGT 218

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TU BBS 3rd Year Organizational Behavior | Course No.: MGT 219

Download Notes of Organizational Behavior – 

Download BBS 3rd Year Syllabus and Model Question

TU BBS 3rd Year Notes and Syllabus