TU Exam 2074: NEW ROUTINE for TU Bachelors 1st Year Exam 2074 Bhadra

Tribhuvan University – Examination Control Division has rescheduled the examination dates for 3 and 4 Years Bachelors 1st Year Examination 2074 Bhadra. Due to the heavy rainfall, obstructed transportation, loss of life and property and Election on Ashwin 2, TU has changed the examination dates.

The examination dates have been changed for 4/3 Years Bachelors 1st Year, L.L.B 2nd Year, B.L. 2nd year (chance) and Certificate level 1st year Chance Exam

Old Exam Date – New Exam Date

2074-05-04 — 2074-05-31
2074-05-05 — 2074-05-24
2074-05-06 — 2074-05-28
2074-05-07 — 2074-05-29
2074-05-07 — 2074-05-30

Download the PDF Version of the Exam Routine – 

View the Complete New Exam Routine for TU Bachelors 1st Year Exam below: