PAHS MBBS Probe: Recheck Answer Sheets or Hold Re-Entrance Exam

PAHS MBBS Exam 2073 | Recheck Answer Sheets or Hold Re-Entrance Exam:

The committee formed to investigate the wrong results of the Patan Academy of Health Sciences (PAHS) MBBS entrance exam concluded on Wednesday that the errors were “human induced” and recommended a reevaluation of answer sheets or a fresh entrance test.

In a list published two weeks ago, the PAHS accidentally mentioned wrong identification codes as that of students who have passed the entrance exam. A subsequent review, however, found that the list were actually that of the students who had flunked the test.

The Ministry of Health had immediately formed a probe committee under Dr Bhola Shrestha, chief of Curative Service Division at the ministry, and they submitted the report to Minister of Health Gagan Thapa on Wednesday.

“We have recommended action against those involved in the publication of the results,” said Dr Shrestha. “We have also advised the ministry to hold further investigation to look into possible monetary benefits or other anomalies as that lies beyond our jurisdiction.”


The results published on November 30 showed that 377 passed the exam out of the total 1,852 candidates. Those who were listed as pass in the first entrance were actually the ones who had flunked the examination. In its report, the government panel has suggested three alternatives: to conduct a practical examination for all the 1,302 qualified students, let an independent team of expert reevaluate the answer sheets that have been seized by the ministry or conduct a fresh entrance exam.

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