Daraz Nepal Gears up for 11.11 (Eleven-Eleven) Sales in Nepal

Daraz Nepal Gears up for 11.11 (Eleven-Eleven) Sales in Nepal: KATHMANDU: Nepal’s number one online marketplace, Daraz, is gearing up to bring 11.11 (called eleven-eleven), the ‘world’s biggest sale day’, for the first time in Nepal. During the first mega event since the launch of the new Daraz App, customers can expect a truly personalized and supercharged lineup of activities.

Daraz 11.11 is a first of its kind event and is set to revolutionize regional e-commerce. The 11.11 sales started in 2009, when Alibaba, Daraz Nepal’s parent-company, positioned it as Asia’s answer to Black Friday. Fast-forward 10 years and the headlining 11.11 sale is ready to make the journey to Nepal. The one-day event posts unequalled sales numbers, four times that of Black Friday.

Customers can look forward to a fully personalised shopping experience, in addition to massive mega deals, flash sales, thousands of brand vouchers, mystery boxes, giveaways and many more. The one-day sale event on the new Daraz App will be the biggest to date for the e-commerce company.

11.11 is the numeric short-form of November 11. On November 11, 2018, Nepal will greet the sale phenomenon with open arms and carts.

Source: THT 29 Oct

Daraz Nepal 11.11 2018