Some Questions That Have Appeared in IOE Entrance 2072

Upon the curiosities of most of our IOE Entrance preparing students, we’ve come up with some question collection that have appeared in these first 5 days of IOE Entrance 2072. The questions that we’ve presented here are memory-based and from the students who have taken IOE Entrance 2072. Please note that some questions given here may not have exact data, however, the question pattern was same. We’ve heard that Questions from Physics have appeared more numerical type than conceptual. Similarly, the Questions for Engg. aptitute has been easy. We hope that these questions provided here will be helpful for the students preparing for IOE Entrance 2072. Feel free to Share this article with your friends. LIKE our facebook page for many such posts of educational concerns.

(Here, some questions have options while some does not have.)

  1. Google Chrome is an example of:
  2. The Phonemic Transcription of “Plunge” is:
  3. “Henry” is an S.I. Unit of:
  4. In which syllable the stress lies in “Discrimination”?
  5. The Radius of a balloon is increasing at the rate of 1cm/s. What will be its surface area when the radius becomes 15cm?
  6. The angular momentum of the rotating body is perpendicular to:
  7. Once upon a time, they used to be friends. Here, ‘once’ is a/an: a. preposition b. adverb c. adjective d. noun.
  8. Which one is dimensionless? a. angle b. strain c. none d. all
  9. The pH value of solution when an aqueous solution of pH 5 is mixed with equal volume of an aqueous solution of pH 3 is: a. 3.3 b. 3.5 c. 4.5 d. 4
  10. Which is more acidic? a.Ethene b.Ethane c.Methane d.Ethyne.
  11. Which one of the following produces more methane while burning? a.Coal fire b.Diesel c.power plants d.petrol.
  12. Which one of the following in not redox reaction?
  13. Gypsum is used to:
  14. Which one is vector quantity? a.Time b.Temperature c.Flux density d.Magnetic Field intensity.
  15. A, B, C are subsets of a set. If AnB = AnC and AUB = AUC, which one is correct? a.A=B b.A=C c.A=B=C d.none
  16. A …… is a close curve all the points of which are at the same distance from its centre. a.Helix b. circle c.chord d.semicircle.
  17. e is : a. a natural number b. a rational number c. an irrational number d.none.
  18. Neither of them ….. paid ….. fee. a.have, their b.has, his c.have, our d.has, their
  19. The Simple pendulum taken from equator to the poles. Then the time will: a. decrease b.increase c.remain same d.unknown
  20. The inverse of an exponential function is known as: a.exponential function b.cubic function c.logarithmic function d.rational function.
  21. At what height the gravitational field reduces by 75% the gravitational field at the surface of earth? a.R b.2R c.3R d.4R
  22. If a ball is thrown vertically upwards with speed u, the distance covered during the last t seconds of its ascent is: (a)ut (b)gt2/2 (c)ut -gt2/2 (d)(u+gt)t
  23. A solid sphere and a hollow sphere are thrown horizontally from a cliff with equal velocities respectively. Then which sphere reaches first on earth?
  24. A cable that can support a load W is cut into two equal parts. The maximum load that can be supported by either part is: a.W/4 b.W/2 c.W d.2W
  25. There is a hole of area A at the bottom of a cylindrical vessel. Water is filled up to a height h and water flows out in ‘t’ second. If water is filled to a height 4h, it will flow out in time: a.t/4 b.2t c.4t d.t/2
  26. Pressure inside two soap bubbles are 1.01 and 1.02 atmosphere. Ratio of their volume is: a.2:1 b.4:1 c.8:1 d.12:1
  27. The resistance of a coil in a Platinum resistance thermometer at 0C is 5Ohm and at 100C it is 5.75 Ohm. Its resistance at an unknown temperature is 5.15Ohm. Then the unknown temperature will be:
  28. The First law of thermodynamics is a special case of: a. conservation of mass b.conservation of energy c.Boyle’s law d.Charle’s law
  29. The curved face of a plano-convex lens has a radius of curvature of 250mm. the refractive index of lens material is 1.5. The power of the lens is:
  30. If the distance between point source an screen is reduced to one-third the relation between the intensity of light and initial intensity will be:
  31. The energy stored in a capacitor is actually stored: a.between the plates b.on the positive plate c.on the negative plate d.on the outer surfaces of the plates
  32. The percentage of Oxygen in NaOH is:
  33. Which has the least mass?
  34. The percentage of nitrogen in Urea is about:
  35. When hydrogen was passed over excess of strongly heated copper oxide, the oxide lost 59.89gm and 67.728gm of water were formed. The eq.wt of Oxygen is:
  36. The modern atomic weight scale is based on:
  37. 0.5gm of a metal combines with 140ml of 02 at NTP. The eq.wt. of the metal is: a.10 b.20 c.30 d.40
  38. The size and energy of an electron in the orbital is referred to by which quantum number? A.Principal b.azimuthal c.magnetic d.spin
  39. The magnetic quantum number for valence electron of sodium is: a.1 b.2 c.3 d.0
  40. Strongest bond is: a.enthane b.ethane c.ethyne d.none
  41. Which of the following hydrogen halides has the highest boiling point? a.HI b.HCL c.HBr d.HF
  42. The oxidation number of Chlorine in HOCl is:
  43. The unit of electrochemical equivalent is :
  44. Strength of an acid depends upon: a.density b.viscosity of ionization d.none
  45. Which of the following does not cause harness of water?
  46. Which one is known as oil of vitriol?
  47. Blister copper is: a. pure copper b. alloy of copper c. ore of copper d. copper containing 1% impurity
  48. The percentage composition of oxygen in caustic soda is: a.40 b.16 c.1 d.8
  49. The passive of “The enemy has defeated your army” is:
  50. It was __ who received the prize. A. he b. his c. him d. i
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Institute of Engineering

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