IOE Thapathali Campus Gears Up to Celebrate its Golden Jubilee

From its humble beginning as Technical Training Institute in 29th Falgun 2023 B.S, the Institute of Engineering IOE Thapathali Campus is entering the 50th glorious year of its academic life. The Campus is commencing its Golden Jubilee year from 12th March, 2016 with various students-centered events and a grand ceremony in campus premises in Thapathali, Kathmandu.

Institute of Engineering Thapathali Campus Gears Up to Celebrate its Golden Jubilee

The students in IOE Thapathali Campus are observing students-centered Golden Jubilee Celebration events like Final Year Project competition, CAD Design Competition, Brain Pick’n – Talk Show, Models/Project Demonstration, Robot Racer, Creative Coder-Coding Competition, Paper plane flying competition and so on. These events have been organized by the Golden Jubilee Students’ Working Committee, which is a joint campaign of the student clubs in IOE Thapathali Campus; SOIES Nepal [Society of Industrial Engineering Students Nepal], CESS Thapathali Campus [Civil Engineering Students Society], MESIN Thapathali Campus [Mechanical Engineering Students’ Innovative Nexus], RAAC Thapathali Campus [Robotics and Automation Center] and other political students’ unions.

The teachers, alumni and the present batch of students have all joined hands in tandem to ensure that the events would be as memorable as the history of the college, and they with a promise, that go ahead with the Mission of the College. IOE Thapathali Campus proudly grabs the prestige to be the first technical institute in Nepal to mark its Golden Jubilee.

IOE Thapathali Campus Golden Jubilee Logo
IOE Thapathali Campus Golden Jubilee Logo

IOE Thapathali Campus: A short Introduction

Since 2023 B.S. Thapathali campus has been producing technical manpower. In the beginning this campus was specialized in diploma program in automobile and mechanical engineering, and later civil, computer, electronic and architecture engineering programs were added. Along with the course of time, the campus has changed and upgraded its programs. At this stage, diploma programs have been upgraded to bachelors programs and now bachelor programs in Industrial, Civil, Electronics and communication, Automobile and Mechanical engineering are running. It is the only Campus in Nepal to offer Bachelor in Industrial Engineering and Bachelor in Automobile Engineering degree.