How to choose the BEST DATE for IOE Entrance Examination?

How to choose the BEST DATE for IOE Entrance Examination?

“IOE Entrance Examination for 2073 (2016) is being held from Shrawan 26 to Bhadra 06, and the candidates have to choose the examination date for themselves while submitting the application form online. Most students feel confused in choosing the best exam date for themselves. This article is for those students. It’ll help clear the common confusions and provide suggestions based on the experience of an IOE Entrance Appeared Student, and currently a student of IOE.”

Engineering is one of the most anticipated Bachelor’s level courses in Nepal and IOE Entrance Examination (Tribhuvan University, Institute of Engineering) is the awaited entrance exam for engineering to get admission in this prestigious engineering board. Since IOE began its entrance exam in Computer Based System, it has provided the students with choice for choosing the best date for their examination within specified time period. This is one of the many points where the candidates get confused and many questions arise in their mind.

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Choosing the best date for any test/exam is indeed a difficult task that gives birth to many confusions and even questions inside the head. To help such students on making a rational decision for choosing the best date for exam, here are some suggestions based on the personal experience:

  1. Clear your confusions! Choosing the first few days will not help you get easier or difficult questions. Last few days may help you get more time for preparation and know more question-types. But questions are random and may not even repeat throughout the exam sessions. Mid days might be okay. But do not make hasty decisions!
  2. Judge yourself! Take time and refresh your mind. When you’re not in any stress and have a cool concentration, take pencil, calendar and syllabus of the test you’re appearing. Calculate the days remaining for exam. See the syllabus and mark the topics you’ve completed. Now analyze the time required to prepare for the remaining part and judge yourself. How many days will they need to complete? How much time in a day can you provide for study? Decide yourself being honest on your capacity. Note the number of days you obtained.
  3. Be confident! In the calendar, mark the date range of 2 to 3 days you’ve been resulted with. Now check for facts other than study. Do the days you’ve selected have any public holidays? If yes, will those public holidays affect your transportation? Do you have any sports-events that you can’t miss to watch? Do you have any family-ceremonies, outings, or domestic affairs before those selected-exam-days? This may affect your preparation time and psychology. Consider these facts and come to a conclusion. If you need, then reconsider the selection of date.
  4. Make commitment! Select a date after thinking and stick to it. Believe in yourself and do not rely on your friends’ timing and thoughts. Once you’ve come to a conclusion and confirmed, then apply for it. Make time table and begin your preparations.

These are some of the suggestions based on my experience that may help the students to some extent. However, one can always act as per his/her choice. A wise man always takes suggestions from others but decides by himself. All the Best!

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