Two Long Term Problems: Too Many People Too Few Trees

~ Summary ~

The essay written by Nissani is about the burning problem of the world i.e. environmental degradation. It describes the twin problems. They are overpopulation and deforestation.

In 1992, over 1500 world’s top scientists including the novel prize winners signed a document in which they expressed deep sorrows about the degradation of environment. In that document, they had addressed the burning problems of the world like consumption of critical resources and irreversible damage on environment. They also warned if that is not checked, we will put the future generation at serious risk. It means, the twin problems are the major causes for all the problems. According to the writer, the world is getting more polluted day by day. The air, water and biosphere are becoming poisonous which have affected our children’s intelligence. The chance of epidemic disease is getting higher and causing skin cancer, asthma, reduction of human sperm, premature hearing loss, etc. Many types of wild species are disappearing. There is depletion of wilderness. The population of world is growing up as we are adding 10,000 people every hour. People are living longer than before. In Nepal also, population is increasing rapidly. The problem with over population has terribly affected the forest and critical resources.

Being worried about the problems, the writer has given some tips to check the very crisis. The writer opines that education specially for women, readily available family planning measures and contraceptives and modernization can play vital role in resolving the problems of overpopulation like in Egypt, China and Germany.

As the population grows, deforestation increases. It causes desertification, depletion of ozone layer, drying of lakes, rivers and seas, extinction of wilderness and wildlife. According to the writer, people cut down the tress not only for cultivation and settlements but for meat and dairy products. Demand for wood, paper and firewood is also equally responsible for destruction of forest. In addition, when there are few trees, we do have bad results like soil erosion, flooding landslides, acid rain, siltation of water resources, etc.

On the other hand, the writer is so sensible to give ways to control deforestation. He thinks education to women, equal opportunities to them, additional tax on wood products, reforestation, recycling, etc. are to be checked to discourage deforestation. All to all, the main cause to this problem is our wrong way of thinking which should be checked in no time. Similarly, modern techniques in reducing wood products like smoke-less stove (in Nepal) will help us think, consider and reverse the situation the remarkably. For example in Nepal, the use of smokeless stove is considerably helping to reduce the amount of firewood.

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