Gretel – Feminist Perspective

– Garrison Keillor

– This piece of writing has been analysed from the feminist point of view.

– Feminism speaks against the male domination.

– It seeks for equality, the empowerment of the women. This is in the form of the statement made by Gretel.

– The character ‘Gretel’ is complaining about many mistreatments made by male characters to the female. Gretel doesn’t want the way the male characters have been shown being superior and female characters being inferior. Therefore in this essay, Gretel tries to persuade the readers not to believe in made up of story by Hansel.

– Gretel in the form of her statement keeps on revealing the real story which was twisted by Hansel.

– According to Gretel, she has been cheated by Hansel. Gretel was supposed to get half of the profit after selling the book that is based on their lives but unfortunately Hansel’s lawyer made Gretel sign on a contract where it was written that she would get nothing.

– Gretel says that Hansel wasn’t a strong person, rather he was a coward. When Hansel couldn’t walk in the jungle, he was carried by Gretel.

– Moreover, Gretel even blames her father of not being good and caring. Gretel even accuses her father and the brother of staying in a luxurious building whereas Gretel and her mother should stay in a poor room.

– According to Gretel, it was the step mother who suffered most. It wasn’t the idea of their stepmother to leave Hansel and Gretel in the jungle rather it was the idea of their father. The stepmother did only that what her husband wanted her to do.

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