Unchopping A Tree


The essay , unchopping a tree by W.S Merwin is directive in the sense that its uses lots of direction along with imperative forms of verb to direct the readers for the reversal of chopping the trees. This essay at the surface level seems to be directive but at dipper level pseudo-directive and persuasive. The writer by inviting the readers to process of restoring a felled tree once to persuasive the readers that restoring a tree is impossible task. Therefore the wisdom lies in not chopping down the trees instead of trying to do something impossible.
The writer in this essay seems to direct the readers for the process of restoring a felled tree. In most of the path writer has used many imperative form of verb.
Restoring a fell tree means getting all mutilated (destroyed) structures such as twigs, branches, leaves, flowers, fruits, bird’s nest into their previous position, erecting the trunk of the tree straight and finally infusing life in it.
The writer has even suggest to use different devices such as fixative and adhesive to repair or to fix the different damaged parts of the trees likewise he gives us suggestion to use scaffolding and tackle to keep the broken tree straight.
The essay turns out to be pseudo-directive and persuasive. Though the writer carries on directing the readers all of sudden he becomes dumb and stop-directing while infusing life at the tree. The writer knows it very well this process is impossible therefore he does not intend to direct the readers for the impossible task rather he warns to make readers to realize “Once the tree is cut down it can never be brought back to life again.”

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