The Six Million Dollar Man

The essay, “The Six Million Dollar Man” written by Harold J. Morowitz is an example that how the specialized knowledge can be made clear and engaging to non-specialist. Morowitz in this essay comes up with surprising fact that the human body is worth six million dollar with which he is not satisfied. He associates the things such as the heart, soul, art, creativity and emotions. The essay comes to the conclusion that the human being is priceless as it cannot be measured by any scientific inventions.

On the envelop of greeting card, there was written “According to BIOCHEMISTS, the materials that make up the HUMAN BODY are only worth 97cents.” Morowitz received the birthday card from his daughter and son-in-law on his birthday. The writer became shocked at such unbelievable statement. Therefore, he decided to come up with the exact value of human being. He consulted with Biochemical Company and prepared a catalogue including the list of different ingredients that make-up the human body such as Haemoglobin was $2.95 a gram, purified trypsin was $36 a gram etc. Then he found the average value of gram dry weight of human being that is $245.54. Then he went to gymnasium and took the measurement of his weight. He was 168 pounds and with the help of his pocket calculator, he converted his weight into grams. He became 76,364 grams. And after supposing that water occupies 68% out of his total weight. Then he calculated his dry weight to be 24,436 grams. He multiplied his weight by the average value of a gram and came to conclusion that the materials that make up are not only worth 97 cents but six million dollar.

The writer is not satisfied with surprising fact that the man is worth six million dollar because he thinks that it is foolish act of human being to evaluate the value of human being biochemically. He opines that the six million dollar is just for the human body but not for human being. He thinks that the man is not only ‘a mass of matter’ but more than that. Human beings should not be evaluated only from the materialistic point of view but human beings should be evaluated spiritually as well. So, though the writer comes up with the result that the six million dollar is price for human body, he feels the worth of human being is priceless. Human being does have heart and soul, which cannot be measured along with different abstract things by any scientific measurements. Thus, he concludes that human life does have the infinite preciousness.

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