The Recurring Dream

The story is set in England. The main character of the story is Kimberly Clark who is usually shortened to Kim.
Kim lives and work on London. She has a good position in the office but she has got a problem. The problem is that she has a mysterious dream. It is mysterious in the sense. It is about the place and the person which is strange to her. In her dream she stands on the country side road and sees a lane with a white fence and hedge on each side. At the end of the lane, on the top of the little hill, she sees a white cottage with green shutter. In the dream, she walks on the land and goes inside the cottage.
There she sees a man asleep in a bed who is little old with white hair and beard. She sees a same dream almost every night, when she tries to speak to that man in her dream; she wakes up in her bed in London. The dream bothers her a lot; she shares her dream to her roommate Janet who advised her to visit to her parent’s farm for a few days. According to her advice, they leave the city on Janet’s car. After sometime, they reach the country road where Kim sees the same palace. She makes Janet stop the car. She walks to the same lane and knocks at the house. The little old man opens the door when he sees kim, he closes the door immediately. Kim says “she, wants to talk to him, then the old man opens the door and asks what she wants to talk”. She asked, why the house is for sale because she is curious about FOR SALE sign that she had never seen in her dream. The old man replies that the house is for sale because it is haunted by a ghost who visits there almost every night. Kim ask who the ghost is. The old man says, “It’s you”.


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