The Poplar Field

The poem, “THE POPLAR FIELD” composed by Willam Cupper compares the disappearing poplar tree with perishing pleasure of human being. This poem is remarkable for its celebration of the rural and its nostalgic tone. This poem can be taken as defense on nature conservation. Through this poem the poet delivers important message that for our personal benefit. We should not cut down trees as it invites a number of problems in the days to come.

The poet tells that poplar trees have been cut down as a result the shade and the whispering sound has been told goodbye. The wind no more plays with the leaves and no more sings having gentle touch with the leaves of the popular tress. Moreover, the river Ouse no more reflects the beautiful image of the popular trees on its bosom.
The poet talks about the time of 12 years back. In the past, the poet use to go to the popular field where he could see a number of popular trees and take rest. But at present all the popular trees have been turned into lodges and the poet sits on them.
The black bird which is known for its beautiful voice has gone to another shelter so that he could be saved from the heat of sun. The black bird takes shelter under the hazel. The poet at present can no more listen to the melodious short songs of the black bird.
The poet tells that his days are passing quickly and very soon one day he must die. His death body will be as low as the popular trees.
The poet becomes thoughtful and engaged whenever he thinks about the time span of life of human being. According to the poet the life of human beings short lived whereas, the movement of pleasure are still shorter than that,” It means our happiest movement die sooner than we.”


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