The Loving Mother

Shoji Sakota was pharmacy in Japan .who live in the building where he had a drug store because his wife had died many years ago. As he lived in same building he sometimes worked in the drug store late at night .One stormy night while he was preparing annual business report as it was the end of the year, he heard a knock on the door .He ignored it and worked continuously. He heard the knock again thought it was caused due to wind. When he heard the knock for the third time, that was louder than before, he thought it was an emergency. He went to the door, lifted the shade and put on the outside who seemed very nervous. He thought it might be the trick of women to rob him, so he said the shop had been closed and said to come on next morning. When she requested him to give something for her baby and said that was dying, he opens the door.

The women who had come for an ame on the stick. She seemed abnormally pale she had shoulder length hair and she was wearing simple kimono that seem it had been worn to bed. He gave her an ame and paying money for it, she went quickly. Sakota stops working and thought about the woman. He found the woman quite mysterious. Her eye shows that she was from another world. The same thing repeated for another two nights. He wanted to ask her why she had not come on the day time but forgot when she was there. One night he asks his friend to take the photo of the woman to look at her face clearly. When she came again his friend took a photograph hiding behind the door, to their surprise the woman was not seen though they had seen her through the lens of camera. They decided to follow her if she came again.

When she came again they followed after she went away from the store. She didn’t mind them coming after her. After walking for some time she enters the building, climbing the third floor and disappears. They saw a door open and went inside. There in the room they saw a baby licking the ame. There was the person who was sleeping beside the baby. They were surprised to see the woman sleeping so fast. They thought she was acting of sleeping. Sakota went closer to her and touched her body, she didn’t move. She was cold and lifeless. They found that she had died many days ago.

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