The House Call


A day after Christmas, late in the evening, Dr. Emil Braun was trying to write notes while having his dinner. He was very tired that day, so he slept, but woke up when a little girl had come to call him for her mother, who was very sick. Though the doctor was tired and his wife asked him to go next day, Dr. Braun went out into the rainy night with the little girl who was wearing a ragged shawl and a shabby shawl.

The little girl was almost a block up the street than the doctor each time. She stopped only long enough to show the way for the doctor. After sometime, Dr. Braun passed through his old hospital and reached an old tenement house. After reaching the fifth floor, the little girl showed him where her mother was and thanked the doctor for coming. When the doctor entered the room, he saw a woman lying on the bed and infected by pneumonia. The doctor remembered her as the staff in the hospital previously. He said that her daughter had grown big enough. The woman became surprised and told the doctor that her only daughter had passed away three months away due to flu. She even showed the shawls and shoes of her daughter, Aldeheid. The doctor noticed that they were same as the girl was wearing and were wet as well. The surprised doctor medicated the woman, closed the door and went away with many questions in his mind.

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