Speaking of children


Speaking of children is an essay written by Barbara Holland. In this essay the writer describes about the advantages of having single child and disadvantages of having plural children.

The writer believes that it is important for her to talk about her work with her husband. She doesn’t want her children listen to the things she tells her husband. Instead she wants to have some private time with him and talk while having small drink of martinis. She wants her children to play with their playthings in their own room. But the children want attention from her. As a result there is a conflict between her desire for her private talk with her husband and the need to give attention to her children.

The writer views that it is better to have single child rather than having plural children. When there is only one child the parents can control him/her. But with more than one child the children controls the parents. The parents having plural children cannot talk to each other freely. Through essay the writer suggest the married couple to have only one child so that they can have enough free time to share their feelings and understand each other. This is must for happy married life according to the writer.

There are many advantages of having single child. Single child is just like the part of the body of the parents. He is small in number. He can be taught and his brain can be molded as they like. They can take him anywhere they like with them. With one child they can do anything and live in their own way. Single child is just like having a pet or toothbrush necessary for parents. Parents can manage enough time to talk, drink, share their feeling and understand each other. This helps to improve their relationship which result happy life.

In the essay when the writer tries to talk to her husband she cannot do so because he children always seek attention from her. This makes difficult to understand her husband properly. There are many disadvantages of having plural children in the family. Plural children introduce unwanted culture in their life due to different desire and wishes the parents become out numbered. The house is always littered with dolls and play things that can’t be easily managed. The parents cannot visit wherever they like as they are worried about the problems caused by the children at home. They have to shift from one place to another for searching better school for children. They have to spend much time talking with unknown people because their children know latter’s children. They can fix their journey only at the leftover time, after taking their children where they want to go. Their free time is very limited due to which they cannot share their feelings with each other that causes negative effect in their married life and the married life can even be ruined.

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