This is the story of MEXICO. In this story Armand Gonzalez is the main character. He visited a bank to take out 50,000 pesos. It took him 20 years to save that money and he was going to buy a house with it. In the bank Armando became very much nervous when the bank teller counted his money loudly. All the people looked at him which made him afraid of being robbed. Because of nervousness he put his hat backwards which made the people in the bank look him again and again. He decided to leave the bank. He took bus to go home. A heavy man whom he had seen in the bank also got on the same bus. Armando saw that man talking to three boys inside the bus. He became very unhappy and nervous thinking that the three boys were the helpers of that heavy man and they were planning to rob him. He wanted to get rid from them and got off the bus. The three boys also got off the bus at the same place. When they all looked towards him and walked towards him he began to run wildly. He shouted for help. The boys thought that he was in trouble so, they followed him. Armando became very much frightened but soon he found that the three boys were students and they were going to see the football match. When he asked them why they were talking to the heavy man in the bus and why they got off at the same place, they said that they were asking about the bus that they had to catch and knowing that they had caught the wrong bus from the heavy man, they got off the bus and said that they followed him to help him not to rob him. When he knew the reality, he stood up and took out his sweaty hand from the pocket and put on his hand straight.

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