Concrete Cat

– Dorthi Charles



“Concrete cat” is an example of a concrete poem that is made for eye. The poem draws the picture of a cat on the paper with words but not sentences. The word “cat” doesn’t appear here but the other words are the parts of the body of cat the words are added to put the cat in a place dish, litterbox. It shows that cat is a domestic cat.

Concrete poems are different from other poems because they use words to create an image on the page. It is concerned only with the visual pleasure and it doesn’t have any relation with feelings and emotions. So, it should be looked at as well as read. The visual presentation of anything that pleases our eyes is a concrete poem. In this poem, the poet has capitalized some letters to convince the readers. The capitalized “A” in the word “ear” refers to the pointed ears of cat. It means the cat has very acute sense of hearing. The capitalized “Y” in the word “eye” refers to the open eyes of cat. It means the cat has keen sense of observing the things around him. The capitalized “U” in the word mouth refers to the tongue or chin of the cat that shows the taste that cat prefers. The word “stripe” refers to the internal as well as external structure of the cat. The spaces between the letters of the word “tail” shows that the cat is different and sensitive in different situation. The word mouse is upside down. This shows the victory of cat over the mouse. It means the cat has already killed the mouse. The use of pun is important here. The pun is a decorative device in literature that refers to word games of different types. The word “stripe” has been used to give two meanings. We can read it as stripes which shows the long line of white and black all over the cat’s body. We can also read it as stripes which means there is intestines inside the cat stomach. The intestines may be of its own or of the mouse that has already been eaten.

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