It is a story about a journey made by and old women named Phoenix Jackson. She was Negro woman. She made her journey on cold December morning a Christmas time with the help of the walking stick. She walked along the pine forest. She had worn a black striped dress. She had wrinkles on her face. Her eyes were blue and cheeks were yellow. Her shoes were unlaced and on the way she used to warn the wild animals not to block her way because she was making a long journey. She felt very difficult to climb up the hill and felt as if her feet were chained after she reached to the top of the pine forest she had to climb down through the oak trees. When she was climbing down her clothes was caught by a thorny bush she got rid of it and after passing along time she reached to the bottom of the hill. She thought she was not as old as she used to think. She took same rest and saw a boy coming toward her with a plate of cake in his hand but it was just her imagination.
Then she crossed through the barbed wire fence by crawling because there were no any snakes. There used to be snake in the summer. Then she saw something tall, thin and black structure she thought it to be ghost as it was silent. But when she touches it closing her eyes, she found it a cold and it was a scare crow she laughed at herself for being scares before. Then she reached a wagon track which was a narrow read between the hills. The track went in to the road when she was walking on the road a dog came out of weeds and barked her. She hit it with a stick and fell herself into the ditch she became unconscious. A white man helped her to come out and asked it she was hurt or not thanking him. She told him that she was going to town.
Then she saw a shiny nickel fallen out of the white man’s pocket while he was trying to chase the dog. She took a nickel from the ground and saw a bird flew by she thought god was watching her stealing the monkey when the white man try to frightened her pointing the gun toward her, she was not afraid. When the men asked her age, she said it was impossible to tell her age.
Then she reached the city. The city was decorated with colorful light as it was the Christmas time sitting on the pavement she requested a lady to tie her lasses. The lady helped her tying them. Then she entered a building where. The receptionist asked her many questions but she didn’t hear anything. Then a nurse came and asked her about their grandson.
She didn’t say anything as she had forgotten everything for some time. After a while she remembered and replied that the condition of her grandson was just the same like before.

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