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Searching for the Best educational materials for HSEB Grade XI Science? Then you’re on the Right way. has a unique collection of educational materials for the Grade XI Science students to help them succeed in the Board Examinations. We’ll well aware how difficult Grade XI Physics is difficult for the students as the course is very vast than the SLC Course to which they had been used to. With a motive of helping the students, we’ve made important and probable questions collection.

BUT WHAT ABOUT SOLUTIONS? We’ve been asked for the solutions time and again for the questions and tutorials we provide. But we’ve not made them available easily. However, the answers are provided. We believe, providing the questions and solutions is not the effective way to study. A student who tries to solve the questions by searching in the text books and reference materials can enlarge the field of knowledge. Helping the Students in Every Steps of Problems does nothing but KILLS the Creativity of student. Thus, we do not provide solutions easily, and encourage students to try hard for the solution.

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XI Science Optics Important Numerical Questions

XI Science Optics Important Short Ques

HSEB 11 Heat and Thermodynamics All Long Questions Collection

Working of a Diesel Engine

Working of a Petrol Engine

XI Science Electrostatics Important Numerical Questions

XI Science Electrostatics Important Short Questions

XI Science Heat and Thermodynamics Imp Short Ques


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