Advances in Internet Technology have evolved the business world in a number of ways, including taking advertisement techniques to a new level. The understanding marketers leverage the power of the internet to reach their target markets in innovative, personal ways that can achieve an impact comparable to or more effective than traditional advertising media. Here are some benefits that can be achieved by the online advertising:

  • Cost Efficiency: Advertising on the Internet is much more cost-efficient than using traditional mass market and niche media. Ads on internet can be viewed by millions of people while being displayed all day and night. Cooperative advertising arrangements such as banner and link swaps can be completely free, allowing the advertisers to reach large audience with no expense.

  • Target Marketing: Market segmentation and target marketing are more effective on the internet than any other advertising medium. Consider, for example, an advertisement of the college for new admission. Virtually, most visitors to the website will be related to the seeking such news and notices (most probably students).

  • Interactivity and Feedback: The internet facilitates true two-way communication in advertising messages.

  • Captive Audience: A banner ad on the side of an informative website, for example, remains in the visitor’s peripheral vision as long as he is reading the website’s information.