Hurried Trip To Avoid A Bad Star

~ Summary ~ The extract “hurried trip to avoid a bad star” is from the article “Karnali, roadless world of western Nepal” by M. Lilla and C. Bishop Barry. It presents an... Read more »

The Boarding House

~ Summary ~ This is a story of love and adolescence. The central character of the story is Mrs. Mooney. She is a strong, determined and a reserved woman. She represents the... Read more »


The play written by W.B Yeats explores the human relation to the supernatural world. It is written on the belief that the soul of the dead body goes to the purgatory before... Read more »


I Have A Dream Analysis ‘I Have a Dream’ is a speech delivered by Black Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King addressing the thousands of Negro people along with the white people,... Read more »

The Lamentation of the Old Pensioner

The Lamentation of the old pensioner is a nostalgic poem composed by W.B. Yeats. In this poem, the poet basically states his past and present life. The main theme of the poem... Read more »