Look at a Teacup

Analysis “Look at a teacup” is an essay written by Patricia Hampl. The essay shows two major themes; they are the relationship between the writer and her mother and the connection between... Read more »

In Bed

– Joan Didion Summary The essay, “IN BED” written by Joan Didion revolves around the problem of migraine headache. According to the author migraine headache differs from the ordinary headache. In migraine... Read more »


Summary This is the story of MEXICO. In this story Armand Gonzalez is the main character. He visited a bank to take out 50,000 pesos. It took him 20 years to save... Read more »


Summary It is a story about a journey made by and old women named Phoenix Jackson. She was Negro woman. She made her journey on cold December morning a Christmas time with... Read more »

Keeping Things Whole

– Mark Strand Pointwise Analysis Wholeness versus fragmentation. Everything keeps on moving to make something whole. Everything does have a reason to exist in this world. Nothing is superior and nothing is... Read more »