Unchopping A Tree

Summary The essay , unchopping a tree by W.S Merwin is directive in the sense that its uses lots of direction along with imperative forms of verb to direct the readers for... Read more »

The Three Days Blow

Analysis -Ernest Hemingway ” The Three Days Blow” is a plot less story in a dramatic way. Two friends Nick and Bill meet at Bill’s cottage. The weather is shown violent. There... Read more »

The Six Million Dollar Man

The essay, “The Six Million Dollar Man” written by Harold J. Morowitz is an example that how the specialized knowledge can be made clear and engaging to non-specialist. Morowitz in this essay... Read more »

The Recurring Dream

The story is set in England. The main character of the story is Kimberly Clark who is usually shortened to Kim. Read more »

The Poplar Field

The poem, “THE POPLAR FIELD” composed by Willam Cupper compares the disappearing poplar tree with perishing pleasure of human being. This poem is remarkable for its celebration of the rural and its... Read more »