Thinking to Pursue your Career in Managerial Aspect ? This Article is for You !

TU BBS – A Best Choice to Pursue your Career in Managerial Aspect !

Those who are +2 Graduates should be considerate that it is high time for them to be firm in their most critical decision for what dream they have woven. Needless to say that the dream we see through our closed eyes, and dream we see through our open eyes, makes it difference. So, it will be wisdom of you to go for latter. – Introduction to TU BBS.

So, if you are pursuing your career in managerial aspect, it will probably be the most adorable idea to go for Bachelors in Business Studies [BBS], TU Program. It can compete with any options available in Academic line without much more financial burden. Moreover, it is different now and then; BBS program has recently been equalized with other as the most promising program. BBS program, in present context, has got global recognition as it now ensures 16 years of schooling [4 years program].

Getting through BBS program provides you the better exposure to various master programs such as MBA, MBS and CA at local or global arena.

To cut the story short, joining BBS means making your priceless dream come true at affordable price. So, Hurry up! And make it happen to your life.

We’ve a featured college which might be a Best Choice for you!

Everest international College (EIC) under the affiliation of Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, is a provider of University level education and research. EIC is strategically located at Soaltee Mode, Red cross Road and run by professional management team with the help of highly graded teaching faculty.

Students at EIC are afforded a high quality of University education with small classes, state of the art resources within a strong community environment in a soothing ambience of nature along with open spaces providing not only healthy, clean, pollution free surroundings, but also the ideal environment for a healthy growth of young minds, their morale, emotional, aesthetic, and spiritual being.

TU BBS @ Everest International College

TU BBS - Everest International College

EIC has a well deserved reputation for delivering high quality Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) with over whelming and effective extra-curricular activities like personality development, public speaking, motivational seminar, brain storming session, group discussion, mock interview, community work, etc.

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