SEC Exam to be conducted in Class 10 and SLC in Class 12

SLC Exam to be conducted in Class 12, SEC in Class 10

The education officials have reached an agreement to name the final examination conducted in class 10 as SEC (Secondary Education Certificate) while the final examination of class 12 will be named SLC (School Leaving Certificate).

The Ministry of Education had organized a meeting to take suggestions from the concerned education officials, authorities, teachers, guardians and educationalists regarding this issue. Previously, the National Examination Board (NEB) had proposed to name SLC – 10 and SLC – 12 respectively for the grade 10 and 12 final examination.

Secretary of National Examination Board, Mr. Surya Prasad Gautam stated that the new names will be assigned and implemented based on the suggestions, which will cause the slight different in the conduction and system of these exams.

The Office of Controller of Examinations will conduct the Class 10 SLC examination for this year. The new State-level SEC Examination for Class 10 will be conducted when the states-formation tasks is completed. Although the Class 10 SLC examination for this year will be conducted by OCE, the certificates will bear the names of National Examination Board, which will conduct the Grade 11 and 12 Examinations.

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